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Bluetooth headset usage

There are a lot of friends who bought a Bluetooth headset, but the correct way to use the Bluetooth headset is a bit fuzzy. In fact, the correct use of the Bluetooth headset not only enables the Bluetooth headset to maximize performance, but also allows us to use the Bluetooth headset for a longer period of time. So how can I use the Bluetooth headset correctly? The author below will introduce you to the correct use of Bluetooth headset.



Generally speaking, the correct method of using the Bluetooth headset includes two aspects: one is the use method of the Bluetooth headset itself, and the other is the pairing method of the Bluetooth headset and the mobile phone.
Bluetooth headset pairing method

1. When we get the Bluetooth headset we just bought, the first thing to do is to see if there is any power in the Bluetooth headset. If so, run out of power. Then it is to charge the earphones. The best time is usually 2-4 hours. If you use it later, you can charge it for 2 hours. It is best not to exceed 4 hours. The longer the charging time, the greater the damage to the lithium battery of the Bluetooth headset.



2. Find the Bluetooth settings option in the phone's menu function and select “On”. This opens up the Bluetooth function of the phone.

3. Turn on the Bluetooth headset. When the Bluetooth headset is off, press and hold the headset for about 3 seconds. Wait until the indicator of the Bluetooth headset is lit and blinking. Note that the light is always on and the Bluetooth headset is on. At this time, the headset is ready. The status being looked up.

4. Find the Bluetooth option on your phone, search, and click to confirm.

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