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Neck-mounted sports Bluetooth headset the best running partner

With the development of Bluetooth technology and the trend of mobile phone manufacturers to cancel the earphone hole, more and more consumers are gradually adopting the earphone as an important purchase standard. If the wired headset is our feelings, then the Bluetooth headset is our trend.

Especially in the world where sports are popular, running is currently recognized as the simplest and most effective and most popular way of exercising. Running is a lonely sport, and in the process, you only have yourself. So many of us will choose to listen to music as a ritual to offset the loneliness of our running. A pair of headphones with beautiful beauty and strength has become a must-have item for running.


Traditional wired earphones always have a pulling feeling when we run, and they may fall at any time. Not only that, after we sweat, the earphone cord sometimes sticks to our skin and damages our skin. So in recent years there has been a neck-mounted Bluetooth headset. It connects the ear to the end of the ear, retaining the "wired" feel of the traditional wired headset, and making a half collar on the other end hanging around the neck.

In addition to solving the shortcomings of the traditional wired headset, the neck-mounted Bluetooth headset can also change the shape design to increase its own fashion attributes. This is one of the reasons why neck-mounted headphones are popular. As a result, various sports brands have launched their own neck-mounted Bluetooth headsets.

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