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The principle of true wireless Bluetooth headset

True Wireless is mainly about distinguishing between Cabled Wireless Stereo Headphones. The main reason for true wireless is to streamline and remove the cable to become a Cable-Free Wireless Stereo Headphones (commonly known as True Wireless Headphones).

The biggest difference between a true wireless Bluetooth headset is the difference between the primary and secondary ears. When a true wireless Bluetooth headset is connected, the headset needs to be connected to the main ear (usually the right ear). After the connection, the main headset is connected to the secondary headset, so the connection time needs to be longer because of the signal transmission. A work, the power consumption is naturally higher. Inevitably, the quality of the connection is usually worse than that of a wireless Bluetooth headset. The actual signal transmission operation diagram is as follows:

In addition to the general common wireless transmission methods mentioned in the above paragraphs, in fact, the general wireless can also be classified into three types of Bluetooth resolution:


NFMI near field sensing technology

For example, Nuforce and B&O are both wireless and use this technology. The advantage is that the magnetic field close-range induction consumes low power, and the transmission speed is very fast at close range. The disadvantage is that it is far from the far induction.

General Bluetooth 5.0 primary and secondary ear transmission technology

It is a very mature Bluetooth technology, this is the most common primary and secondary transmission technology on the market. The disadvantage is that it is more susceptible to interference, and the power consumption is relatively high, but the transmission efficiency is quite high, and the cost is considered to be the standard of Bluetooth 5.0, so all major brands usually adopt this solution, which is good for cost-effective. The dish gives guests early access to 5.0 technology.

Left and right ear independent TWS Plus Bluetooth 5.0 technology

As the name implies, the left and right ears can operate independently, and the main connection and the auxiliary ear transmission are not required to achieve fast connection and power saving. The representative parity chip is the QCC3026 launched by Qualcomm at CES. Now it is widely used in the core of all the real wireless headphones. The high endurance and sound quality are good. I believe that it will soon be cheaper and fully lead the technology of true wireless.

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