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The technical core of true wireless Bluetooth headset? That Bluetooth chip!

True wireless Bluetooth headset new technology Bluetooth 5.0 came out in June 2016. The effective transmission distance is 4 times that of the 4.2LE version. The transmission speed is 2 times. And support the optimization of the underlying architecture of the Internet of Things. So many Bluetooth manufacturers have begun embedding this technology in the latest true wireless Bluetooth headsets, which are more power efficient because of lower power consumption.



With the popularity of the mobile device Internet of Things, semiconductor manufacturers have sharpened their knives and prepared good chips for the wireless music device. The most famous ones are Qualcomm/CSR, Broadcom, Mediatek, Aihora (acquired by MediaTek), ReaktTek/ISSC, Cypress. The US factory and the Taiwan factory can be said to be the largest manufacturers of Bluetooth chips. There are also manufacturers such as Hengxuan and Quanzhi in China. Together, they provide the most complete product line: classic Bluetooth, low-power Bluetooth, and Bluetooth dual-mode products.

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